• Medium to large tonnage jobs
  • Airport jobs
  • State highways
  • Municipal roads
  • Large commercial jobs
  • Road shoulders and ramps
  • Road widening
  • Base material
  • SMA
  • Cold-In place recycle
  • Roller compacted concrete
  • Thick lifts
  • Longitudinal joints


  • Vibrating pneumatic tire roller
  • Several amplitude and frequency settings/combinations per drum at operator’s station
  • 16 inch wide adjustable pressure pneumatic tires
  • Excellent tire edge visibility
  • Great side and curb clearance
  • Separate release agent tank
  • ROPS and seatbelt
  • Front and rear lights
  • Braking lights
  • Mirrors
  • Two operator seats

Rental Rates

Ashpalt Day Week Month
Sakai GW750-2 7-Wheel Pneumatic Roller 700 2100 6300


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