Getting It Done 1956 – 2019

CMW Equipment celebrates 63 years of service. 

For 63 years, it’s been all about service at CMW Equipment. We’ve successfully delivered on our promises to help our customers build roads while building their business. Our road-building experience covers the Asphalt, Concrete and Readymix industries, and the value we bring to our customers is delivering expert sales, service and parts for high quality new and used equipment for road construction.

Outstanding customer service has been the cornerstone of CMW since January 17, 1956 when three construction equipment salesmen and their trusted office manager left the security of the St. Louis based O.B. Avery dealership to start their own company. Their names were: J.L. Cummings, Thomas F. McGowan Jr., Victor W. West and Ethel A. Klein. Together they founded Cummings, McGowan & West, today known as CMW Equipment.

Because of their prior experience, relationships and reputation for taking care of customers, this new group was able to quickly establish solid product lines and customers. Turns out, timing couldn’t have been better, because the largest road construction project in U.S. history had just begun. The “Federal Highway Act of 1956” called for 41,000 miles of new Interstate roadways with an estimated cost of $41 billion.