Kewanee Hot Water Heater - Brand: Kewanee Price: $12,000.00 Condition: Used FOB: Southwest IL Model:1.75 MBTU Year: 1980’s Description: Used Kewanee Low Pressure Boiler with 1.75 MBTU diesel burner, 500 gallon fuel tank, auxiliary water tank and external heat exchanger. Have questions or need more information? Contact our used equipment department directly: Dan Doherty: (314) 420-9808 Office: (800) 283-1336 Email:┬á
83349 | 1996 Lattner Pro Series Boiler - Used 1996 Lattner Pro Series boiler. 15 HP/680,000 BTU, steam generator. Good condition.
24333 | 1996 Consolidated K100 Boiler - Used 1996 Consolidated K100 boiler with water heat exchanger, automatic water filler, Powerflame 3.3 million BTU gas burner.